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Paul trained and modified unwanted behaviours of his first dog Jason a golden retriever at the age of 15, having a very natural way and approach of how to communicate with dogs and train them, later Paul went on to train his own working dogs and started to modify behaviours of friends dogs in the South West of England for 13 years.

Moving to Wirral in 2017 Paul completed his diploma in Dog Psychology and Anatomy was mentored by some of the best behaviour specialists in the UK and America and completing advanced training, behaviourist courses, turning his hobby and passion into a business, In 2018 Paul set up Mindful Dog and his Dog Behavioural Services and Training Centre in Storeton Wirral. 

Paul prides himself on the amount of dogs and owners lives he has changed over the years, and with local rescue centres with dogs that were deemed untrainable and at risk of euthanasia.

He now works with clients both locally, nationally and in the past 18 months in other parts of Europe.

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