Our Board & Train Obedience programme is a fantastic way to teach your dog the skills they and you need for everyday life.

This programme is a 2 - 3 week course that covers the following

Week 1 - 

 - marker system

 - crate training

 - place training

 - introduction to loose lead walk

 - basic handling 

 - socialisation to dogs

Week 2 

- above with added complexity via distance, distractions, duration

 - environmental exposure 

 - recall training 

 - settling in public 

 - pack walking with other dogs 

 - recall from distractions 

Week 3 (optional) 

 - Remote collar training

With all services, they are personalised for you, your dog and your goals. If the above doesn't suit you, we will put a plan into place. All board & train programmes include an initial 90 minute assessment, full written report and half day handover with the owner, as well as 2 follow on sessions. 

2 week programme - £1200

3 week programme - £1700