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Puppy Training

1-2-1 Consultations £60.00
at my training centre

As a dog behaviourist the age range of dogs that I see the most with unwanted behavioural issues is between 7 to 12 months old, this has normally been created unintentionally for different reason not know because the owner did not get the right puppy training and guidance.  

What do clients struggling with unbalanced behaviours from adolescent dogs frequently say during behaviour modification consultations..

"I did not know that encouraging this type of play could cause these unwanted behaviours"

"If only we would have been taught about the importance of crate training and teaching our puppy how to decompress correctly"

"Toilet training would have been so much easier if I would have known that its cost us a future in new flooring" 

"Why do puppy classes not teach you about stages of growth and adolescence behaviours" 

"You have taught me and my dog in 90 mins way way more that what I learnt in what puppy classes over 8 weeks, and it has been incredibly beneficial to me and my dog" 

I don't just teach those important foundations, I teach you how to understand your puppy, their emotional needs, drive and what your need to be doing to enrich and fulfill them, so that you do not experience unwanted behaviours! 

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Puppy training Zoom

This is a 1hr zoom for owners that need guidance and reassurance that they have the correct information from the early stages of owning a puppy:

  • Choosing the right breeder

  • Collection of your puppy

  • Equipment/diet

  • Crate Training/sleeping pattern/toileting

  • Basic puppy foundation training

These sessions are £55 for a 45min consultation.

Puppy One to One Sessions

This is a 1hr, face to face training session with Paul at his training centre in Wirral.

The session is completely tailored to your training needs and any issues that you may be having whether these be basic obedience training, jumping up, mouthing, lead training or recall, we have vast experience with all these issues and can help you and your puppy train together.

These sessions are £75 at my training centre, home sessions can be arranged on request at an additional charge bepending on location.

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