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Image by Bharathi Kannan


As a dog behaviourist the age range of dogs that I see the most with unwanted behavioural issues is between 7 to 12 months old, this has normally been created unintentionally for different reason not know because the owner did not get the right puppy training and psychology.  

What do clients struggling with unbalanced behaviours from adolescent dogs frequently say during behaviour modification consultations..

  • I did not know that encouraging this play could cause these unwanted behaviours!

  • If only we would have been taught about  crate trained my puppy and known about the importance of over stimulation and the importance of decompression 

  • Why do puppy classes not teach you about stages of growth the importance of understanding the psychology, this would have been way more beneficial to me and my dog than just sit, stay, come 

My puppy one to one consultations are at you home initially to work through the importance of crate training, thresholds toilet training, nipping biting, the importance of how to achieve prolonged success with operant conditioning.

How not to create separation anxiety in your puppy, and how to stop patrol and control behaviours with place training...which if not taught creates a barking, over stimulated puppy and adult dog.

Pop me a message for package costs and availability.

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