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Aggressive black dachshund bared its teeth in front of the woman hand in bright rays sun_e

Dog to Dog Aggression
People Aggression
Dog Reativity
Excessive Lead Pulling 
Separation Anxiety
Resource Guarding 
Destructive behaviour
Excessive barking
Food Scavenging
Car Sickness/Travel
New baby introduction
Hypersexual Behaviour
House Toileting Issues

1-2-1 Consultations: Text

1-2-1 Consultations

Initial Assessment £150 (1.5 hours)

Follow up sessions £95 (1 hour)

At the training centre

*Please note that I am an experienced behaviourist with an impeccable track record and 19 years experience, you only have to look at my reviews and social media content, I work with dog owners to achieve real results! if your purely looking or comparing costs then I'm afraid I am not the trainer for you, and I wish you all the success with your training* 

Home consultations can be arranged on request at an additional charge depending on location.

If you and your dog are struggling with any of the above behavioural issues or similar contact Paul today to start your behavioural journey and make those much needed changes!​

Paul will then contact you and arrange a 15 minute telephone call to talk through the behaviours you are experiencing with your dog, a brief outline how he will work with you, and arrange a consultation date and time that's convenient to you

Your Behavioural Consultation is 90 minutes and can be held at Pauls training centre. Paul is able to arrange home consultations locally or out of county consultations, additional charges will apply depending on location.

Paul's behavioural consultation include assessment, which is where Paul meets your dog, gets hands on with the behaviours your struggling with and talks through your modification plan, it's never a one size fits all approach every dog is different and then works with you to change the behaviours and leaves you with some homework which includes making some changes to structure and boundaries at home.

1-2-1 Consultations: About
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