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Mindful Dog
Terms & Conditions

These T&C’s are for the interest of safety, responsibility and welfare of our clients. Please note payment for service also implies full agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

  1.  Mindful Dog cannot accept responsibility for loss, injury, or damage to a person, dog, or property.

  2. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs when in public spaces.

  3. Dogs must be under control and on a lead in public areas and off lead only when specifically instructed to by the trainer.

  4. Your trainer is there to help however, owners remain responsible for their dog at all times.

  5. Children are welcome to attend training sessions but for safety and consistency in training children under the age of 16 must remain under adult parent/ guardian supervision. Parents may wish to speak with their children prior to sessions to explain how important it is to listen when involved in the session.

  6. When training in public areas all dogs must be fully wormed and protected by vaccines and had a full health check by a vet.

  7. Any health problems must be stated at the time of booking and if likely to effect training we must receive a vet referral before commencing training with Mindful Dog.

  8. All bite history must be declared at the time of booking.

  9. A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking – all deposits are non-refundable subject to clause 12. Deposits can be paid via bank transfer. The remainder of the session payment is due on the day of the session this can be made via Bank Transfer or in cash.

  10. Cancellation of sessions results in loss of full session cost unless Mindful Dog decides otherwise. No refunds will be given once session packages have begun. The remainder of the payment must be paid at the time of cancelation via bank transfer.

  11. Rescheduling of sessions can be made with a minimum of 3 days' notice at no extra cost. You must rebook future dates at this time otherwise it will count as a cancellation.  Rescheduling your session for a second time will result in loss of deposit and you will have to rebook a separate session. 

  12. Mindful Dog reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any appointment with 3 days' notice.

  13. COVID - if you or anyone in your household has any symptoms please inform us immediately. Please take a lateral flow test, if negative your sessions can go ahead. 

  14. Rescheduling due to COVID - if you test positive and need to reschedule with less than three days notice you will be charged a £30 cancellation fee to be paid at time of rescheduling. 

  15. If Mindful Dog test positive to COVID we will reschedule your sessions to the next available dates that suit you. Deposit remains non-refundable. 

  16. Failure to pay - If payment is not made no more than 30 days from due date then we will take further action to which you may endure costs. 

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