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Paul Clifford

Dog Behaviourist & Training Services

Looking for a Dog Behaviourist in Wirral, Merseyside, North Wales or Cheshire

Call Paul on 07886642086

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Paul has dealt with and modified a huge range of behavioural problems for over the past 17 years, he has the experience and natural ability to breakthrough problems quickly with dogs and their owners and has an amazing track record in his field.

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About Paul Clifford

Paul is a reward based but balanced dog trainer, who believes that dogs must be trained with the motivation of praise, food and play rewards, but not without consequences in their learning and clear boundaries from the outset, always tailoring his training and approach to individual breed, temperament, drive and the owners needs.

Paul set up his training facility in Storeton Wirral in 2018, where he has a 2 acre secure training paddock and indoor training area, which provides a safe environment for all aspects of behaviour modification and training.

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How I can help make the changes in your dogs behaviour or training needs

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Behaviour and Obediance

Paul has the experience to work with and modify with all types of behavioural problems, you only have to look at his client reviews and impeccable track record to see the support and continued success he has with behavioural problems

Cute Puppy

Puppy Training

Paul's guidance It's way more than a puppy class, he passes on his extensive knowledge which has huge benefits to you and your dog, how to live with, train and build that perfect relationship built on trust leadership and love!

Paul is able to offer a wide range of Puppy Training services, from 1-1 Private Puppy training at the training centre, to online virtual guidance, helping you understand and communicate to your puppy, not only with voice but with your energy and movement, talking Dog! 

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Residential Training

With Paul's board & train programs, your dog will benefit from training in private & group settings with my role model dogs as well as different environments, Its about bringing the best out of your dog, teaching amazing foundations and obedience which in turn builds great confidence.

At the end of the board & train program, your dog will be better equipped to adapt and socialize with new dogs, people and environments.

Your dog will stay at my home with my family, and will always be cared for like one of my own dogs!

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What our clients think and how they found their training and modification experience with Mindful Dog.

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