Are you experiencing unwanted behaviours from your dog at home. 

Difficulties in walking your dog because of excess pulling, lunging, or reacting to other dogs

Struggling with recall, basic commands

and would like to us to teach you foundation training.  

You are feeling anxious when walking your dog because of a bad experience or trauma.. 




Consultation 1-2-1 

During this consultation we talk through your dogs training needs and any unwanted behaviours which is approx one and a half hours and is arranged at our training room at Ivy Kennels and our enclosed secure field (ensuring social distance measures are in place at all times) or this can also be arranged at your home depending on your dogs behaviours.


Each session includes the first step in our foundation training assessing engagement, lead control, teaching you how to become the leader your dog needs you to be.


Cost of service £100.00 

Board & Train

This service is to address complex behaviours and is between 2 to 4 week, working with all the team laying in new behaviours working to ensure you dog is the best it can be, with more balance and happiness for both dog and owner.

Your dog is cared for by the amazing team at Ivy Kennels during the training program, next to our training rooms and enclosed secure field 

we arrange several sessions during this program with owners ensuring you have the training and knowledge to move your dog forward in its behaviour journey to achieve continued success.


Price for service on request.   


Puppy 1-2-1 

Foundation training, establishing structure and boundaries is so important to start your relationship in the right way with your new puppy.


Yes some puppy classes really help with socialisation, but our teachings is as much for the owner as your new puppy, we include introduction of lead, place control (which helps with your dogs separation anxiety)

And during 1-2-1 your puppy get to meet some of our rehabilitation dogs, introducing the right energy adult dogs to puppies is again very important. 


Cost of service £65

Online Dog Training with Paul


This is a tailored, 1-1, and is a motivating private session to put you in the right direction to achieve your dog training goals and strengthen your relationship with your dog. We have found great success with our online dog training sessions going over all the issues and concerns you may be having with your dog/s.

Schedule an online training session today and start improving life with your dog!

Virtual training session £50.00 (1 Hour)

Reiki / Energy healing


My Energy healings relieve tension or alleviate fears, giving your dog a sense of peace. On top of that, will assist in pain relief and recovery result from treatment, aiding the body's natural healing process. Whether it's a behavioural disorder, injury, or arthritis, your dog's malady may be helped by Reiki.


Cost of service £50

Tropical Leaves


Mindful Dog

We combine balanced and obedience training, along with energy healing where needed to help and support your dog with his or her unbalanced behaviours or foundation training needs.


We have very experienced understanding of behaviours and hold Diplomas in dog Psychology "we believe that to teach a dog to be the right energy you have to combine a very natural and balanced approach"

Our training is as much educating our clients as it working with your dog, and we take our time to support every client "if needed" sometimes long after the initial teachings, For your dog to be calm, confident and obedient it is just as important that we teach you about the energy and owner your dog wants you to be and how to lead your dog to a happier balanced life.


Anxiety is mentioned sometimes during lots of our sessions, this could be due to trauma, you feel like you have lost control with your dog, fear of what may happen, Paul teaches techniques and being present in the moment which help greatly with these allowing your dog to move forward with you in the right way.


Paul started working with dogs 18 years ago in Dorset where he wanted to train his first Springer Spaniel, after having a great deal of fun and seeing the amazing results he had achieved.


From here Paul then started training friends dogs and eventually it became a business, from here he wanted to understand the whole dog, the fearful dog, the anxious dog, the overwhelmed dog, the aroused dog and his behaviour journey started, Paul and the training team (Sammy Dillon, Danny Cossy and Becky Wallace) have now trained and rehabilitated 1000's of dogs and after 18 years Paul continues to have the same passion to help owners train their dogs to a high foundation level and to achieve long term success with behaviour modification changes.

Please check our testimonials  on what our clients say.


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