Ben & Sarah Williams with Pepper


We first heard of Mindful Dog through a close family friend who had seen a massive difference in their dog from the work he put in. We figured it would be worth giving it a go. Pepper, our small but highly strung pooch would either improve through Paul's advice, skills and training or Paul would be handing her back after an hour saying there was no hope.


A week social rehab for Pepper has been incredible. Her temperament has massively improved, she's calmer in the house, isn't phased by cars, and is more willing to be social with other dogs - this is down to the hard work and commitment Paul and his team has given us, and Pepper.


We never thought we would see the day where we would be walking her off lead and she wouldn't claw at our legs to be carried - it's happened and again all down to Paul.

We would recommend Mindful Dog over and over again. We are really please and are looking forward to building our confidence as dog owners through Paul's guidance.

100% fantastic, patient and thankful for his continuous support!

Lin Smith with Buddy


Just had my Dog Buddy with a Paul all week. on his Social rehabilitation program.


Wow! I am absolutely amazed with the changes and behaviour of my dog It’s a pleasure to walk him now with the help not only for Buddy but teaching me things I dod not know about him and how to be the best leader for him.

Thank you Paul!!

Alex Williams with Pickle

Paul worked with our Pickle for a week doing behaviour rehabilitation work. I can honestly say that the difference in her energy and attitude around other dogs is completely unbelievable. she is definitely a happier, more settled and content dog too.


We are so grateful to Paul for all the amazing work and would highly recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking for this service, it's incredible the difference that Paul's knowledge, professionalism, skills and passion for dogs and what he does can do for your pooch. Our walks are now a pleasure thanks to Paul at Mindful Dog....we really enjoyed spending time with him as he's such a lovely guy too!!! 5 stars all the way!

Anne-Marie Salisbury with Layla


Paul has worked with Layla and myself recently to help with Layla's behaviour towards approaching other dogs as well as helping me to become confident to take Layla for walks off the lead.


Layla can sometimes overreact when approaching other dogs and I've always felt too nervous to let her off her lead because I've been unsure how she would react when meeting another dog. Since working with Paul, I have learnt a lot more about Layla's behaviour and feel a million times more confident and relaxed when walking her.


This has led me to the point in which I have now taken her out on my own off lead and had a lovely walk with her in Storeton Woods meeting other dogs calmly and correctly. I am looking forward to many more walks to come. I cannot thank Paul enough and would highly recommend him to anyone in terms of helping with becoming more mindful towards their dogs and walks.

Emma Williams with Meg 

Paul has worked wonders with our spaniel who has been a bit of a teenage tearaway. She was getting very over excited with dogs, chasing barking/nipping and unable to show any impulse control. She also had extremely high prey drive and chased any wildlife she could find leaving me with no recall at all. As a result she was spending most of her time on the lead and walks became frustrating and stressful for us both.


After wasting time and money trying several trainers who made very little difference, Paul was recommended to us and she spent a fantastic week on his social programme where he, along with his pack, taught our dog some much needed impulse control and calm behaviour.

She has improved so much its now a pleasant experience to take her for walks and Paul has continued to help and support her development.


We are so grateful for the work he has done. He really creates a very special relationship with the dogs he works with and his calming energy really reflects onto the dogs behaviour. Our spaniel is a much happier and more balanced dog and gets so much out of the time she spends with Paul and the pack.

We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Carla Jones with Dottie and Freddie

Paul came to help us with our pup Dottie who was awful to walk on a lead, was very dominant and reactive aggressive, with the plans put in place by Paul and homework to do,


The change in Dottie in such a short time is unbelievable, Paul has even helped with our other dog Freddie lead training , I can’t thank Paul enough for his help and support .