A one to one consultation will address issues that you are facing with your dog, be that lead pulling, fear aggression, recourse guarding, to lack of engagement and recall, ​I have the knowledge and experience to get to the root cause of the of behaviours quickly and effectively and work with you to bridge the gap in communication needed to change these behaviours, In between sessions you will need to agree upon a schedule of training to ensure success.

1:1 sessions are up to 90 minutes long and you will receive a detailed written report and training/modification plan following your first session. Sessions can be held at your home, or my training centre in Wirral.

All enquiries will be contacted via telephone for an assessment prior to your booking.


Behaviour Modification Consultation

Puppy Foundation Obediance Training

Breed Specific Enrichment Training

£175.00 (90 minutes) at the training centre.

To include:

Assessment report training/modification plan.

Three session modification packages are also available.

*Travel charges may be added depending on where the sessions are held.



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