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I will devote up to 5 hours a day to your dogs training. This is a great option for dogs that need a solid foundation of training and also for dogs with severe behavioural issues that need a reset! This is also a perfect option for owners that have planned holidays and require training for their dog! Your dog will live in a home environment with my family.

Why board and train?:

  • You have just got a puppy and are struggling to set them good foundations in obedience.

  • You have a hectic lifestyle and do not have the time that is needed to train your dog or manage their behavioural issues.

  • You have been trying for a long time to train your dog, seen a few trainers before and never really got over the issues that your dog has been suffering with.

  • You would like to have your dog conditioned to certain training equipment that will enable you to communicate with them better. But, you are unsure on how to introduce them to it yourself so would like a professional to do it and ensure that your dog is comfortable, content and responds to it positively.

  • You have just rescued a dog and are struggling with some of the behavioural issues it currently has.

  • Your dog has behavioural issues and you struggle to find anywhere that will take them in for boarding. Have them trained by me while they stay!

How it Works:

Hand over day - up to 2 hours: I spend this time getting to know more about you, your dog and the issues that you need to be worked on. Then your dog comes to stay with us and the training starts!

  • I will get to work on laying the foundations and changing your dogs behaviour for the better!

  • I will create a new routine for your dog to follow each day! This routine will be realistic for you and your lifestyle.

  • I allocate set amounts of time each day to work solely with your dog and the issues that they are struggling with.

  • I will introduce them to new equipment, teach them all basic obedience commands that you will need to use upon their return, teach them how to settle at home, desensitize them to various environments and socialise them with people and dogs.

  • I will spend extensive time each day reconditioning any severe behavioural issues.

  • I will send you regular video updates.

  • I will write you a report and provide you with a schedule based on the routines I have put into place during the Board & Train.

  • Up to 2 hour hand back where I go over everything I have worked on during their stay in detail. This prepares you for the work that you will need to put in following their stay.

  • I will stay in touch with you following the Board & Train to monitor your progress and offer you assistance wherever it is needed.

  • Up to 2 hour follow up session 4-6 weeks following the Board & Train, I will come to your home and check on you all to make sure everything is going well!

Your dog will be conditioned to a set routine day to day, it is extremely important that you stick to this when they return to you. I will try my best to set the routine around your lifestyle but you must be prepared to make significant changes where necessary. If you are unable to stick to the plan your dogs behaviour will likely revert back to the way it was.


2 weeks - £2100

3 weeks - £2800

4 weeks - £3700

5 weeks - £4600

*Cases of aggression will require 4 weeks minimum stay.

**Charges may be added depending on distance travelled for follow up's and if you require collection and drop off to your home.

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