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My name is Paul I have 17 years of experience of working with all types of behaviour, from toilet training, lead pulling to human aggression and dominance.

My mission Is to help owners to create better relationships with their dogs! modifying unwanted behaviours and in doing so help you and your dog live happier and more fulfilling lives!

After many years of a gun dog training in Dorset Paul now specialises in dog training, psychology and modification based on canine behavior, he is well known and respected in the dog community for successfully changing the lives of over one thousand dogs and their owners! Paul also volunteers his time to two local rescues, and is called to work with dogs that have extremely complex behaviours due to trauma or abuse, and has saved the lives of hundreds of dogs that were deemed untrainable and at risk of euthanasia.

His natural ability to understand and connect with dogs and their owners allows Paul to breakthrough behavioural problems quickly!

Why not get in touch with Paul and start your training or rehabilitation journey today.

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